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    Vail, Colorado

    Since Jared never has time I'll give you the "how we met" bit. Many moons ago I was a college student having to earn internship hours for school. I thought what better place to work then a restaurant at the Peabody. Among many great people I met Jared Gross who was the suprsingly thin Chef of the steakhouse once known as Capriccio Grill. Against my better judgment we became friends. He enjoyed picking on me constantly and planting the seed of fear when I would arrive from a long school day to a lobby full of hungry, impatient, demanding guests. Jared would find any excuse to come up to the host stand or ask my for help with his printer (which he would unplug in the office) and we became quick friends. I completed my hours for school and was ready to move on from restaurants. Jared and I stayed in touch, he cooked me many delicous meals (the second quickest way to my heart aside from being a puppy) and 8 shooooooort years later he made up his mind that I would be the person he'd cook for, shop for, unclog shower drains for, replace numerous cell phones for, drive back to the house for said cell phones after I would realize I'd left them behind, carry my spare shoes and many other things for the rest of his life! Now we're here and we can't wait to share our special day with you!

    Added on Mon, Sep 5th 2016

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